Ten Pao High-quality power supply charge up your life, We fight for the virus.

The majority of coronavirus new cases in China seems under control with extensive epidemic preventions, according to the latest news. Ultimate elimination of this virus outbreak seems just around the corner.

With continue decreasing new inflection cases, factories are keeping restoring production while showing vitality of recovering. Having resumed production on 10th Feb 2020, Ten Pao has been executing a series of measurements on epidemic control which is in-line with Government control policies. All measurements have been done and followed strictly with positive results. Nonetheless, Ten Pao’s medical power devices are the best power sources of medical equipment(diagnostic devices or medical health care equipment). We are pleased to announce Ten Pao power supply has ISO13485 approved (medical approbation standard) with most reliable quality and best-in-class technical supporting team in place. For any inquiries, please feel free to contact mkt@tenpao.com

With production restoration, demand of high speed 5G network, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IoT are expected to increase for the needs of factory automation. Ten Pao has wide range of industrial power supplies could fulfill the emerging demand of industrial automation. From medical equipment, security surveillance, Industrial control or even telecommunication base stations, Ten Pao is always at customers disposal by providing high energy efficiency, environmentally friendly products.

Ten Pao’s medium and high-power devices have unique smart current detection technology which supports software remote programmable functions. Power conversion factor up to 89%+ with active cooling and 1U embedded design. 50,000 hours reliability tested with highest level of product guarantee while suitable for different industrial uses.

Ten Pao 500-1000W industrial power supplies with smart current detection technology supports software remote programmable functions. Embedded with RS485 protocol, fully compatible with remote control, operation temperature at -10C to +70C, supports ultra-low or high temperature operations. Low standby mode power consumption saves energy and cost.

Leading in power supply industry with best-in-class quality control and R&D, Ten Pao could provide customized products and services together with wide range of standard industrial power supply products.

For more information, please visit:www.tenpao.com

For any inquiry, please contact:mkt@tenpao.com

Ten Pao Group was established in 1979 and listed in 2015 in Hong Kong(Stock Code: 1979). With 40 years of experience in the power supply industry, Ten Pao designs and manufactures safe and reliable power supplies and smart chargers, and provides with competitive “one-stop smart power supply solutions”. By cooperating with different famous brands for years, it has become a trusted supplier for various international brands.

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