Ten Pao 2020 Business Plan Announcement Ceremony

In December, Ten Pao Business Plan Announcement was held as to summarize the work of 2019 and prepare for 2020. The managements and also the key members from different business units joined the ceremony.

During the ceremony, Chairman Hung said that Ten Pao exceed the year goal that grew extra 20% in revenue under the impact of the Trade War. That was not merely an encouragement for Ten Pao, but also a sign of improvement regarding to the work in 2020. Then, the representatives of different business units shared their business plans, summarized their works in 2019, analyzed their challenges and reflected their shortcomings.

With 40 years of experience in power supply industry, Ten Pao designs and manufactures safe and reliable power supplies and smart chargers, and provides with competitive “one-stop smart power supply solutions”. By cooperating with different famous brands for years, it has become a trusted supplier for various international brands.

The Group will also continue to pursue automation and further improve its core technologies to lower raw material and labour costs, leading to the healthy and satisfactory growth of different business segments.

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