Ten Pao Power up 5G life

Along with 5G era oncoming, the mobile communication network takes a great step forward and marches to a new milestone. It is time to develop the 5G realization on internet of things. Every industry has grasped the 5G market trends and has taken advantage of its trend to develop products and apply the technologies to its industry in order to seize the market share. To prepare it well, some of the marketing leaders are well equipped for greeting market development demand which 5G brings. They are even taking an eagerly anticipating role to impel the 5G market development and to consolidate their leading position. During the development of 5G, the power supply is essential that 5G devices have to pair with the power supply. It helps to power up the 5G era.

When it comes to manufacturing the power supply, TP-Power with 40 years of experience in power supply industry is well-known among customers. Ten Pao designs and manufactures safe and reliable power supplies and smart chargers, and provides with competitive “one-stop smart power supply solutions”. By cooperating with different famous brands for years, it has become a trusted partner for various international brands.

Recently, Ten Pao developed "TPS Quick Charger" for the demand of 5G market. After the preliminary discussion with customers who owned international brands and also a series of performance test and investigation, they expressed praise and affirmation about the quick charger.

In the 5G era, Ten Pao offered a safe and stable power supply for 5G products, enabling you to bring consumers a smarter life experience and a better digital life. Can't you wait for Ten Pao's "TPS Quick Charger"? Stay tuned for Hong Kong ElectronicsFair(October 13-16)...

Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) 2019

(HALL1-1A C08 October 13-16)

Product Demo

(HALL1-1D October 13-16 16:30-16:50)

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