Ten Pao’s High Precision Semi-anechoic Chamber Helps Our Technological Development


In June, the high precision semi-anechoic chamber of Ten Pao has been introduced and used for testing.


High Precision Semi-anechoic Chamber


Semi-anechoic Chamber is a room where sound reflections only come from the floor because the walls and ceiling are absorbent. The solid floor makes this room much easier to work in than the anechoic chamber, because equipment can be stood on the solid floor. Often, we put absorbent material on the floor to reduce floor reflections. The main purpose of a semi anechoic chamber is to perform measurements of radio frequency emission or immunity from electronic products at a measurement range length. The semi anechoic chamber is a multi functional test environment for commercial, military, R&D and automotive testing.


Semi-anechoic Chamber Certificate



Parameters of the Semi-anechoic Chamber


Now, the chamber which costs 1.2 million is launched for all business units of Ten Pao Group and clients. The chamber can be used for testing our products according to international standard.


The test report issued by Ten Pao CNAS laboratory is approved in over 70 country including China,the USA and most of the Euro country and over 80 certificate authority. We can react quickly to our customer providing product testing, safety certification, reliability and other service with international standard. This can ensure the power supply product safe, reliable and shorten the product development cycle, providing market opportunities and lifting product advantage and market competition.


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