Ten Pao Group Holdings Limited Dynamic Growth and Sustainable Innovation

The Group was listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the “Stock Exchange”) in 11 December 2015

Ten Pao Group Holdings Limited was established in Hong Kong, 1979, and basks in the bloom of manufacturing in 70’s to 80’s. At the beginning, we focused on the manufacturing of transformers, commonly known as “firebulls”. We expanded production line in China and developed own high-end power products. With year of efforts and preemptive actions, Ten Pao become a Listed Company and has developed Diversified products, which are selling to all around the world.

Ten Pao has been focusing on research and development of different types of products to provide customers with more advanced technology solutions. In addition, the Group’s switching power supply units for consumer products are used in various industries, including telecommunication equipment, media and entertainment equipment, electronic cigarettes, electrical home appliances, lighting equipment and other products (such as healthcare products). Due to the diversified-products strategy and the increase in the demand from our customers, the group’s revenue up by 16.4% to HK$3,007.0 million in 2017grew faster than the switching power supply unit market. (According to its annual results for the year ended 31 December 2017). Under the global economic recovery, the “One Belt One Road” strategy has presented an opportunity for China to claim a more prominent position in the global value chain, and it is also one of Ten Pao’s key business development strategies to seize this opportunity. The Group has aligned its business initiatives with the national policy by setting up a new factory in Hungary in October 2017. With much shorter production and delivery cycles, the deployment has enabled Ten Pao to respond to customers’ needs swiftly and with great flexibility, thus winning more customers in Europe.

Strong in research and development capabilities and production

The greatest competitive advantage of the group is to provide customers with comprehensive solutions in a short time. The Group has a vertically integrated production model, which leads a continuous expansion of product portfolio through high performance and competitive production costs, enhances its existing product technology and significantly reduces its development-to-production time in order to help customers develop and upgrade new products."

Ten Pao possesses strong research and development capabilities, and it is also one of power supply solution providers in Guangdong Province that has CNAS-accredited testing laboratories. With the competitive advantages of one-stop production model, Ten Pao can keep abreast of the change of technological market, provide unique solutions to meet the specification requirements of new customers' products and develop and produce a wide range of power solutions in a short time as well as build a close relationship with customers. The Group has a great management team, which can fully pierce the market trends, and successfully capture the business opportunities of smart electric products and power tools.

Smart automated production lines and workshops

Smart production is crucial for power supply industry player to grasp opportunities. With the realisation of national initiatives such as “Made in China 2025” and “Industrie 4.0”, 2017, the Group has established a strategic partnership with the Hong Kong Productivity Council (“HKPC”) and made good progress in “Smart Production”. The Group is setting up smart automated production lines and workshops in order to achieve digitalisation of production processes and to build an automated and efficient factory so as to offer flexible product solutions that meet market and customers’ needs. In addition to saving labor costs, the Group wishes to integrate a wide range of design solutions and material applications to reflect product standardization, link up suppliers and customers through the Internet of Things, and provide customers with more flexible one-stop power solutions.

As the awareness of environmental protection and “Green Industry” is the new trend of marketing development, Ten Pao cooperates with green environmental protection and energy conservation to efficiently and rapidly automate, rapidly produce and deliver products to meet market demands. For example, the Group started manufacturing LED driver equipment in 2008 and developed the electric vehicle charging pile project in 2016; The Group believes that there will be great potential in the electric vehicle charging market in China. With the Group’s own R&D capabilities, it will continue to develop innovative technologies in the future, invest in the advanced-technology of electric vehicle charging pile, and select the customer strategically as well as seize all opportunities.

Optimistic industry prospect

Looking at 2018, the Group will closely monitor the development of the market and its business and deploy its strategies flexibly. At the same time, the Group will continue to invest more resources in R&D to offer our customers with more advanced technology solutions. We will also step up efforts to enrich our product mix to meet the ever-changing needs of the market.

With regard to the power tools for industrial use, the Group will continue to enhance its fast charging technologies for smartphone customers. The Group positioned high-power electric supply technologies for its products and wireless charging will be the key R&D direction, thus acting as catalyst for the development. According to the forecast of Forward Industry Research Institute, the rapid commercialization of wireless charging technology will lead the industry into an explosive growth era. The overall market size of the industry will also increase from US$3.4 billion in 2016 to US$14 billion in 2022, from 7% to more than 60%.

While the Group will further explore the wireless transmission and Smart Home sectors, it is believed that their associated products can lead to safer homes and reduction in energy consumption, as well as possess significant growth potential since their flexibility and high-price performance ratio will make such products highly popular. The Group will continue to tailor products for customers, providing them with one-stop power supply solutions, and develop and produce more diverse products to meet customers’ specific requirements. Group will evaluate its current operations and development directions and adopt different adjustment and improvement measures, including internal restructuring, scientific deployment of productivity, draw up of new plans for factories to meet future production capacity requirements and optimisation of automated production. The Group will also continue to pursue automation and further improve its core technologies to lower raw material and labour costs, leading to the healthy and satisfactory growth of different business segments.

The Group will continue to invest more resources in R&D to offer our customers with comprehensive, one-stop smart power supply solutions

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek Chinese Edition - Issue 143 (2018.04.18)

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