A Step Ahead , One-Stop Power Solution! Ten Pao is an Honest Partner that you can Trust!

A Step Ahead , One-Stop Power Solution!

Ten Pao is an Honest Partner that you can Trust!

Ten Pao Group Holdings Limited is a leading one-stop smart power supply solutions provider in Hong Kong. We have nearly four decades of experience in switching power supply unit industry. We have strong ability of research and development (“R&D”) and cope with the up-to-date market technology information. Being listed in Hong Kong for two years, we committed to bring returns to investors. This year, we were awarded the ‘Listed Enterprises of the Year 2017’ by the Bloomberg Businessweek Chinese Edition. This award required the recognition of the company’s business development by passing through the Bloomberg data analysis system facing the audit of the sales target and professional review. These fully reflect the wide recognition of the Ten Pao Group’s business strength.

Mr. Hung Kwong Yee, Chairman, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Ten Pao (right), receives the “Listed Enterprises of the Year 2017” award at Bloomberg Businessweek/Chinese Edition’s from Mr. Hon Dennis Kwok, Legislative Member (left)

The Ten Pao Group was established by Chairman, Mr. Hung Kwong Yee in 1979. At first, we focused on the manufacturing of transformers, commonly known as “firebulls”. Due to the positive response from the market, the sales orders continued to grow. In 1988, we set up our own production base in Huizhou, the Guangdong Provence increasing the production power. At the same time, the Group is devoted to develop new technologies and new products. In 2004, we set up a testing laboratory in Huizhou. In 2008, we began to manufacture LED driver units and the laboratory was certified asnational-level CNAS accreditation. After years of hard work, the wide varieties of product are developed and the main streams are switching power supply units for consumer products (including telecommunications equipment, media and entertainment equipment, electronic cigarettes, electrical home appliances, lighting equipment and other products such as health care products) and smart chargers and controllers of power tools for industrial use are employed by various industry sectors. With years of great support from our customers and business partners, the Group was listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the “Stock Exchange”) in December 2015. In addition, in October 2017, our first overseas production bases had been opened in Miskolc, Hungary, demonstrating our first step of the worldwide expansion in manufacturing. Chairman, Mr. Hung Kwong Yee said in an interview, "Setting up an overseas production base is one of the business development strategies of Ten Pao. In 2013, President Xi Jinping put forward the vision of "One Belt One Road" construction and encouraged traditional industries to enter develop business among the "One Belt and Road" districts, including Hungary. In response to the national policy, Ten Pao took the initiative to set up a new production base in Hungary.” He added that another reason for setting up a factory abroad is that Ten Pao perceives the fact that the major customer started new business in Eastern Europe as a change. The Hungary factory not only prompts Ten Pao to become a major supplier for European customers, but also shortens the production time and delivery cycles due to the geographical advantages as well as improves responsiveness from customer’s need. He said, “Due to geographically superior, Ten Pao is better operated in logistic arrangements and expand the supply chain of European customers. Our clients will benefited from the improvement of service, such as shorten delivery time and reduce the risk of long-distance logistic, which is a win-win situation for the Group and our customers. Launching a new factory in Hungary will be the foundation for rapid business expansion in the future.” 3 production lines are now established and 15 additional production lines will be developed next year. It is estimated that a total of 60 production lines will be operated after 5 years.

The first overseas production facility of Ten Pao was opened on October 5 in Hungary

Advanced automated production lines of Ten Pao

Mr. Hung Kwong Yee, Chairman was interviewed in Electronics Fair

Lead the innovative with research and development, Pierce the market trend

With the ever-changing technologies and accelerated steps of scientific progression, the request of shorter delivering cycle becomes vital. In order to face the rapidly changing market, the Ten Pao Group insists on providing customers with comprehensive solutions in the shortest time and takes the preemptive opportunities with customers. Chairman Hung said, "The Group has a vertically integrated production model, which leads a continuous expansion of product portfolio through high performance and competitive production costs, enhances its existing product technology and significantly reduces its development-to-production time in order to help customers develop and upgrade new products." In addition to the advantages of the production model, the Group has a great management team, which can fully pierce the market trends, and successfully capture the business opportunities of smart electric products and power tools.

For the sales performance of the group product, the first half of the 2017 performance was HK $ 1.37 billion, a brilliant page for entrepreneurship so far. The income from switching power supply units for consumer products amounted to HK $ 1.02 billion, accounting for 74.4% of the total income. The smart chargers and controllers of power tools for industrial use also contributed to the growth of the Group, generating income of HK $ 350 million, and accounting for 25.6% of the total income. The Group is committed to drive the sales of orders from existing and new customers. These lead to the significant growth in the media and entertainment sector and home appliances sector. At the same time, the group obtained sales orders from existing well-known customers who develop and sell audio equipment, and successfully introduced more orders for existing household appliances customers. E-cigarette switching power supply business is undergoing a strategic transition, now has achieved initial target, and actively opens up customers outside the United States. When the income of E-cigarette business is expected to grow exponentially, LED switching power supply business also received orders from well-known LED brands in Europe.

Continued to promo Green industry in Future

Regarding the future development of the Group, Chairman Hung said that due to the arise of environmental awareness and the new trend of green development, the Ten Pao Group will actively cooperate with green energy conservation and meet market demand by efficient automation, rapid production and effective delivery. The Group has been actively developing electric vehicle charging pile projects since 2016. The first batch of two wheeled electric vehicle charging piles was delivered in January 2017. "In the future, there is great potential in the electric vehicles charging market in the Mainland. With our own R & D capability, we will continue to explore innovative technologies and further invest in the development of advanced electric vehicle charging piles technology, finding strategic partners and fully grasp the market opportunities."

Meanwhile, expanding its overseas production base is one of the business development strategies for Ten Pao. Chairman Mr. Hung said, "We will expand the overseas production in Europe market continuously while having a good balance in developing different markets. Also Ten Pao plans to develop the smart home switching power supply and controller products and to provide one-stop solutions for e-cigarette switching power supply customers. This will drive overall sustainable growth in the future business, and to strengthen the leadership in the switching power supply unit industry."

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek Chinese Edition - Issue 134(25)


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